Chetan Mehta’s

Chetan Mehta chairman

“Our difference is the key
to our success”

Since the day my grandfather founded our family business, we have never deviated from this fundamental approach to create and maintain beneficial lifelong relationships.
We have undertaken transformation and completed many projects on every scale that has contributed towards raising the quality of life of millions of people.

Providing people with exceptional care or service is fundamental to the PACE GROUP
We believe that a company should give back to the community from which it has benefited and share in what we have achieved.
Our philanthropic goals is through the Lilavati Hospital located in Mumbai we are able to provide patients with this superior medical care.

We have built our reputation by providing exceptional experiences, and extraordinary diamond jewellery enabling our clients to celebrate the moments in life that they treasure, this is a gift that we respect and sincerely appreciate. Having transcended borders, PACE GROUP has developed global relationships and projects in New York, London, Hong Kong & Singapore, Dubai, London and thorough out Europe.

In line with our strategic goals, PACE GROUP is making itself known not just in the diamond jewellery, polish and rough trading but in manufacturing for international retailers worldwide and our collections that create new markets and new growth opportunities.

PACE GROUP will continue to uphold our reputation in the years ahead while further building upon the unique position and the service we offer.
I believe that three generations of business experience under our family management, our corporate governance and approach, its streamlined organisation, a solid financial structure and the very best in advanced technology in the industry make it stand apart.

We welcome you to get in touch with our family and team and look forward to continuing to increase our customers’ satisfaction and overall business growth.

Chetan Mehta's Family