100% Natural Diamonds ETHICAL PROCUREMENT

The PACE Group is a market leader in the distribution of polished diamonds to a global network of international jewelry retailers, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry brands, diamond dealers/traders around the world.
The Polish diamond division operates in Antwerp under PACE Diamonds NV.
Our extensive selection of 100% natural diamonds are sourced and manufactured ethically from conflict-free regions. With our strict procedures and reporting, we offer the reassurance to our clients of natural diamonds only. We are in full compliance with the Kimberley Process and fully traceable throughout the pipeline from mine to consumer. All diamond parcels are consistently checked for CVD (synthetic diamonds) in approved manufacturing machines before shipping.

Extensive Worldwide Range
Our extensive range of natural diamonds is consistent and at competitive market price structures. Our service includes tailor make assortments and sizing and competitive pricing. We service our clients as per your requirements.
Our factories use the very best state of the art technology based in Surat, India. All factory operations use (BPP) De Beers Best Practice Principal Standards. With our experience of over 100 years, we provide our clients with a worldwide reach from India, Antwerp, Israel, Dubai, HK & NYC.
Israel, Hong Kong in a timely and efficient manner.

100% Natural Diamonds PACE GROUP


The PACE GROUP is a responsible Jewelry Council Member (RJC). The council is a not for profit organization whose members are committed to promoting and protecting ethical, social and environmental practices. Every PACE Group diamond is required to operate within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which provides a guarantee for each diamond to certify that it is sourced legitimately or not from a conflict area.
We welcome all enquiries for Polished diamonds, small or large.

Our Polished Diamonds:

• Specialise in white, round and fancy shapes. (Marquise, pear, oval, heart, emerald & princess)
• All sizes, rounds in 0.05pts to 10-carat stones.
• 50 points + up certified
• Certified 30 points up to 10 carats from approved labs. GIA, HRD, IGI.
• Manufacture Fancy shapes from 5 points up.
• Niche specialization with natural cognac, fancy yellow and black diamonds From 00.5pts up.



PACE Group is known as an industry leader in buying and selling rough diamonds. With over 100 years of history our rough procurement divisions are tailored to our client’s individual needs and secured within 48 hours for the demands of our customers in their time zone and future needs.
All rough diamonds are checked for synthetics to ensure only 100% ethical procurement in the supply of natural diamonds.
We participate in tenders and auctions and buy De Beers boxes.
PACE GROUP offers finance to sub contractors in order to buy rough and a polished production.
We are enablers of efficient innovation and provide rough clients the opportunity to grow their business by providing advice and financial assurance. Our approach is for long-term growth of our rough suppliers and clients to ensure consistency whether small or large.