Fundamental to The Pace Group is our belief that a company should give back to the community
from which it has benefited. And in turn, we are determined
that others should share in what we have achieved. Lilavati Hospital is located in Mumbai.

lilavati hospital Pace Grop Philathropy

“Superior medical care”

The Lilavati Kirital Mehta hospital provides patients with superior medical care facilities to treat patients from all over india.
Kirtilal Manilal Mehta and Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta were the founders of the Lilavati Hospital and parents of Prabodh K Mehta, Grandparents of Chetan Mehta.

“Equal opportunity”

We continue to uphold the long-held belief that we should all have an equal opportunity to lead healthy and prosperous lives. The Lilavati Hospital is a multi-specialist care facility, established in 19xx in the loving memory of his wife, Lilavati.

Accomodation - Suite

“Top 10 institutes in India”

Providing affordable and high-quality, health care, the iconic Lilavati Hospital and Reseach Centre in Mumbai has become one of the Top 10 institutes in India. It is these same principles and values that we continue to embrace and practice in our business, Pace Group of Companies.